Practical Life

Everything begins with “practical life experiences”. In the Montessori classroom, these activities take center stage for our very young or new students.

In the Practical Life area of the classroom, children will find individual activities that allow them to practice and eventually master skills needed to become independent and self sufficient. This independence gives the child the confidence to thrive not only in a Montessori classroom but in everyday life as well.

Items found in a kitchen, such as tongs, funnels, pouring pitchers, scoopers, etc. are incorporated in the works. Children enjoy taking their time to investigate, manipulate, and practice until successfully learning to use such items for themselves. In the Montessori classroom, time belongs to the child. If a two year old really wants to button his own jacket, he can work on it as long as he likes. The teacher is not in a hurry, and does not feel the need to do for the child what the child wants to and can do for himself.