We strongly encourage parents to have their child remain in a Montessori environment for their kindergarten year.

In the Montessori classroom, kindergarten is the culmination of everything the children have learned in the previous years. Young children absorb information from the environment and organize it in their own minds. Around the age of five, children explode into written language, mathematical computation, cultural understanding and complex social interactions.

The Montessori classroom contains a large variety of works, beginning with very simple concepts for our young two year olds and progressing in difficulty to keep even the most advanced students looking forward to the next challenge. Kindergarten students become role models and often enjoy “teaching” younger children. With kindergarten also comes responsibility. Children are given task cards each day with reading and math activities that encourage a natural progression onto the more advanced materials. After lunch, while the younger children nap, kindergarten children enjoy a special extended learning period with more advanced concepts and materials being introduced.